my inspiration is nature

my ambition is to bring you closer to it

my dream is for us to find harmony within it together

Orange Bearthic.png

       n a t u r a l l y    i l l u s t r a t e d 

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i have always grown up with a creative mind, but it wasn't until i started using archival ink when i felt like i found my signature medium


stippling is a common technique i use that requires me to be very patient. my skill continues to evolve with time and it also forces me to slow down my life, at least in those precious moments of creation


my love for the outdoors is something that started young, and without that, i wouldn't be here today.  i want to help others grow their connection with nature, since when we build connections with things we love, we will want to protect it, and most of all, take care of it

explore nature, visit our parks, play in the dirt, refresh yourself in the waters, do what makes you move.  i believe this is step one in creating a sustainable world


i want to experience life to its fullest

i want to feel connected with every place i visit

i want to share my love with everyone i see along the way