I don't go a day without seeing a snowmobile in the winter months where I live! A huge part of North American an Nordic Cultures, Snowmobiles provide us with methods of transportation in our desolate environments, and they also are a favorite pass time to many.


If you or someone you know like snowmobiling, this print is perfect, featuring a side profile of a sled with a varied arranged of trees commonly found in the Boreal forest.


The design of these prints was created by hand using archival ink pens. Using various stippling and shading techniques, the ink gives this piece a more modern or bold design that goes well will virtually any decor style.


These prints come in three different sizes offering you options that fit a multiple of different spaces, from your home, office or cottage.


Sizes include: 5x7" 8.5x11" 11x14" The artwork is printed in house with a premium inkjet printer on matte photo paper (5x7" & 8.5x11") and high quality artist paper (11x14"). Please note that the largest print size will have a slightly off white background when compared directly beside the two smaller sizes due to the different type of paper.


Made to order. Allow 1 business day to process order. Packaged in a clear protective bag for shipping and mailed in a rigid envelope.


FREE SHIPPING across the US and Canada. *Standard shipping for 5x7" and 8.5x11" does not come with a tracking number. Be sure to follow @naturally_illustrated on Instagram and @naturallyILLUSTRATEDofficial on Facebook for the latest updates and newest projects!

Snowmobile Silhouette - Pen and Ink PRINT