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Lake Superior  

Lake Superior Illustration


Calling Sault Ste, Marie Ontario home, Konrad is constantly being inspired by the beauty in and around the city. Although it is a difficult choice to make, he most genuinely connects with Lake Superior the most. The vastness, rugged shorelines, and the seemingly untouched wilderness is what draws to him the most. Bringing all those elements into his work, he uses archival ink pens to create intricate, yet contemporary illustrations. They are mainly black and white with often a splash of one other colour, most commonly orange or red. This element is tied in with stippling, a technique where Konrad illustrates with various combinations of dots through out his pieces. All of his work is centered around the theme of nature and the outdoors, often inspired by his favourtie places in Northern Ontario. Konrad has been illustrating since 2017, and continues to further his skill set, connecting his audience to the great outdoors that he loves, to people both locally and internationally. 

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