v i e w  

Every photographer has loads of photos. I could put all of my best ones on here, but even then that is a lot, and it is unlikely you will want to sift through them on here for hours on end. Therefore my gallery is short and sweet, featuring my currently favourite photos with a brief story  why. If you want to view more of my photos, please check out my Instagram page; @konrad_adventures. Thank you, and enjoy!
Mississagi River Provincial Park, Algoma Country, Ontario Canada
m i s s i s s a g i
I crowned this photo as my favourite picture I produced in 2018. Located in the heart of Algoma Country in Northeastern Ontario, the Mississagi river runs through the wild forests of this region. This portion pictured is still like glass, yet only a few meters away a small rapid trips the current. It shows how rivers correlate with our lives very well.
a l o n e
Being alone is not a bad thing. I am thankful that I learned how to embrace being a solo explorer. Every winter I look forward to being out on Lake Superior that transforms to the next closest thing to an arctic environment.  Being the only human I can see for miles makes me feel small, yet powerful because the whole world is mine, mine to explore, mine to discover, mine to share, mine to love.
s u r p r i s e
This adventure up to King Mountain near Sault Ste. Marie, really surprised me.  I do not know whether it was just not having any expectations before embarking on this trip, or whether I felt totally removed from the rest of Ontario. This really made me grow more love towards my backyard even more.
To me photography is more than just capturing a beautiful moment in time, it tells a story, it provokes emotion, and it inspires something within us. Nature is a powerful tool we all got, one we can learn from and one we need. The answers to our problems are there if we care to look. All in all, nature is all we got to rely on. Always there, and always will be. 
f l o a t 
Taken at Pancake Bay of Lake Superior on an early winter day. I have never seen a phenomenon as amazing as this. The sky was almost completely dark from the horizon on. There was a break in the cloud to the left, but looking straight forward across to the horizon and seeing a solid grey wall is just out of this world. The steaming lake added to a sense of calmness, in yet a very dark and lonely environment
p a r a d i s e
Crisp blue waters, beaches that stretch for miles, marvelous carved cliffs, it all sounds like a tropical haven for an escape. My paradise is however located a leisurely  two hour drive from home, along the shores of the largest fresh water lake in the world. Lake Superior Provincial Park holds a special place in my heart, and is a place that offers me endless exploration, and a feeling of escape from life
f a i r y t a l e
I am grateful to live in a place so abundant with waterfalls. This one is the closest marvel of water flowing over rock to the place I call home. I do not think it even has a name, but it is the most beautiful place to me, because it almost does not feel real. Maybe it is best kept as fairy tale, one that spares the magic found in the sound of a flowing stream of dreams. 
I no longer want to rely on a traditional resume anymore. I want my CV to be a gallery of my stories and memories Something that provokes a feeling in your heart, makes you think, and inspires your mind. My journey through this life has been filled with blessings, hardships, and damn right, a whole lot of fun hard work! Passion is fueled by love, and there is no shortage of it, as long as we choose to keep producing it. 
Peat Mountain Lake Superior Provincial
Algoma Country Ontario
Robertson Cliffs Sunset Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
a d v e n t u r e
The root to my love of the outdoors is the inherit passion of adventures. Whether it would be hiking, cycling, paddling or whatever else, going on adventures is part of my lifestyle. It is in this way that I connect with nature, a connection I believe is crucial to our planet.
n o r t h e r n
 The northern landscape of Ontario is something I grew up loving. Seeing forests thrive on the rocky Canadian Shield along the edges of lakes and rivers always brings a warm feeling to my soul. It is good to know that I have a place to call home here in this beautiful world.
p a t i e n c e
Sometimes we have to wait. In life, we cannot fast forward to the good part, or skip the bad ones out. Although we often find ourselves killing time, and our lives lack of flow. Photography teaches me patience. As I shoot our wonderful earth, it keeps spinning and changes slowly through time. It was like waiting for this sunset to drop beyond the Robertson Cliffs. I needed to wait for the earth and watch it slowly change, enjoying it fully before capturing one of its most delicate moments of the day.
The journey has only begun. This trail in life that I create is one I am dearly thankful for. There no longer is a point B for me. Everything in front of me is all unknown, and I love it that way. My adventures not only take me to beautiful places, but also show me the true treasures along the way. I do not know where I would be if it were not for my parents, encouraging me to follow my path, and most of all, letting me develop a relationship with nature, and as I blaze my trail, I continually grow and strengthen it.